Is your web site up and running right now? 

Companies rely on Alert Monitoring service for up to the minute notification of a server failure.  Your revenue and customer loyalty depend upon your ability to provide a fast and reliable web presence – 24 hours, 7 days a week!  Ensure that you are informed when your web site is running slowly, not responding or when pages are missing!


The Process: 
At least 4 times an hour* an attempt is made to contact the URL or Service you requested to monitor.  If the attempt succeeds then no action is taken.  If the attempt fails, then will recheck an additional two times within a 2 minute period*.� Upon the third failed attempt, an email/text message is sent to the device(s) of your choice, notifying you of the URL/Service failure and the Date/Time of the event.  Monitoring then continues until the� URL/Service comes back online, at which point another email/text message is sent notifying you of the return to normal status.


* Monitoring times are customizable and dependent upon the level of service purchased. Alert Monitor
Web monitoring ensures that your e-business web site is always up and running for your customers. Protect your online web presence by receiving timely notifications of a problem that allow you to take corrective action.� Prevent your customers from encountering the dreaded “page not found” error message! 24/7 monitoring provides 24-hour server monitoring so you can be sure your web sites and servers are always up and running. E-mail notification and text mail!
Our servers can notify you in a variety of different ways to ensure you always receive the all important “Server Down” message.� Both Email and Text Messages can be sent to one or more accounts and/or devices such as BlackBerry’s, PDA’s and Cell Phones.� Wherever you are, you will be notified when a URL/Service goes offline or comes back online. Alerts can be routed to different teams during off-duty hours.


Pricing:  One-time account activation is $29.95.
Up to 3 URL’s monitored at $49.95 monthly.� Our special package Up to 10 URL’s at $89.95 monthly.

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